AccuDrawHintBuilder Class


AccuDrawHintBuilder is a Tool helper class that facilitates AccuDraw interaction. Accudraw is an aide for entering coordinate data. The tool does not directly change the current AccuDraw state; the tool's job is merely to supply "hints" to AccuDraw regarding its preferred AccuDraw configuration for the current tool state. User settings such as "Context Sensitivity" and "Floating Origin" affect how/which hints get applied.

see Using AccuDraw*


Name Description
sendHints(activate: boolean = true): boolean Calls AccuDraw.setContext using the current builder state.  
setAngle(angle: number): void    
setDistance(distance: number): void    
setModePolar(): void    
setModeRectangular(): void    
setNormal(normal: Vector3d): void    
setOrigin(origin: Point3d): void    
setRotation(rMatrix: Matrix3d): void    
setXAxis(xAxis: Vector3d): void    
setXAxis2(xAxis: Vector3d): void    
activate(): void Static    
deactivate(): void Static    


Name Type Description
enableSmartRotation boolean    
setLockAngle boolean    
setLockDistance boolean    
setLockX boolean    
setLockY boolean    
setLockZ boolean    
setOriginAlways boolean    
setOriginFixed boolean    

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019