Definitions of the "props" interfaces and types that define the wire format for communication between the frontend and backend


Name Description
Metadata for an Entity.
Metadata for a property.
RelatedElement The Id and relationship class of an Element that is somehow related to another Element
TypeDefinition A RelatedElement relationship that describes the TypeDefinitionElement of an element.


Name Description
PrimitiveTypeCode The primitive types of an Entity property.


Name Description
CategoryProps Parameters of a Category
CustomAttribute A custom attribute instance
DefinitionElementProps Properties of a DefinitionElement
ElementAspectProps Properties of an ElementAspect
ElementLoadProps Parameters to specify what element to load for IModelDb.Elements.getElementProps.
ElementProps Properties of an Element
EntityProps The properties of an Entity as they are read/stored from/to the iModel.
EntityQueryParams Parameters for performing an ECSQL SELECT query on Entity classes.
GeometricElement2dProps Properties that define a GeometricElement2d
GeometricElement3dProps Properties that define a GeometricElement3d
GeometricElementProps Properties of a GeometricElement
GeometricModel2dProps Properties that define a GeometricModel2d
GeometryPartProps Properties of a GeometryPart
InformationPartitionElementProps Properties of a InformationPartitionElement
LightLocationProps Properties of a LightLocation
LineStyleProps Properties of a LineStyle
ModelProps Properties that define a Model
ModelQueryParams Interface for querying a set of Models.
Placement2dProps Properties of a Placement2d
Placement3dProps Properties of a Placement3d
RelatedElementProps Properties of a NavigationProperty.
RenderMaterialProps Properties that define a RenderMaterial
SheetBorderTemplateProps Properties of a SheetBorderTemplate
SheetProps Properties of a Sheet
SheetTemplateProps Properties of a SheetTemplate
SubCategoryProps Parameters of a SubCategory
SubjectProps Properties of a Subject
TextureMapProps Properties that define how a texture is mapped to a material
TextureProps Properties that define a Texture
ThumbnailFormatProps Metadata about a thumbnail.
ThumbnailProps Properties of a thumbnail in an iModel.
TypeDefinitionElementProps Properties of a TypeDefinitionElement
ViewAttachmentProps Properties for a ViewAttachment

Type Aliases

Name Description
DPoint2dProps Contains two array entries orders X, Y containing doubles
PropertyCallback a callback function to process properties of an Entity
RgbFactorProps Contains three array entries ordered as red, green, blue containing values 0 to 1

Last Updated: 19 February, 2019