SubCategoryAppearance Class

Parameters that define the way geometry on a SubCategory appears. SubCategoryAppearance describes the intrinsic appearance of geometry belonging to that SubCategory, independent of a particular ViewState. Aspects of a SubCategory's appearance can be overridden in the context of a particular ViewState through the use of [[SubCategoryOverride]s.


Name Description
constructor(props?: SubCategoryAppearance.Props): SubCategoryAppearance    
clone(): SubCategoryAppearance    
equals(other: SubCategoryAppearance): boolean    


Name Type Description
color ColorDef The color of the geometry.  
defaults Static SubCategoryAppearance    
invisible boolean If true, geometry belonging to this SubCategory is not drawn.  
materialId Id64String The element ID of the material applied to surfaces, or an invalid ID if no material is specified.  
priority number The display priority used to control which geometry draws in front of other geometry within a 2D view.  
styleId Id64String The element ID of the line style used to draw curves, or an invalid ID if no line style is specified.  
transparency number A value in the range [0, 1] indicating the transparency of the geometry where 0.0 means "fully opaque" and 1.0 means "fully transparent".  
weight number The line width, in pixels.  

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020