SpatialViewDefinitionProps Interface

Parameters to construct a SpatialViewDefinition



Name Type Description
modelSelectorId Id64String    

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
angles undefined | YawPitchRollProps ViewDefinition3dProps Rotation of the view frustum (could be undefined if going Matrix3d -> YawPitchRoll).
camera CameraProps ViewDefinition3dProps The camera used for this view.
cameraOn boolean ViewDefinition3dProps if true, camera is valid.
categorySelectorId Id64String ViewDefinitionProps  
classFullName string EntityProps The full name of the ECClass for this entity, in the form "Schema:ClassName"
code CodeProps ElementProps The Code for this element
description undefined | string ViewDefinitionProps  
displayStyleId Id64String ViewDefinitionProps  
extents XYZProps ViewDefinition3dProps The extent of the view frustum.
federationGuid undefined | GuidString ElementProps A FederationGuid assigned to this element by some other federated database
id undefined | Id64String EntityProps The Id of the entity.
isPrivate undefined | false | true DefinitionElementProps  
jsonProperties undefined | any ElementProps Optional json properties of this element.
model Id64String ElementProps The Id of the Model containing this element
origin XYZProps ViewDefinition3dProps The lower left back corner of the view frustum.
parent undefined | RelatedElementProps ElementProps The Parent of this element, if defined.
userLabel undefined | string ElementProps A user-assigned label for this element.

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019