DisplayStyleSettingsProps Interface

JSON representation of the settings associated with a DisplayStyleProps. These settings are not stored directly as members of the DisplayStyleProps. Instead, they are stored as members of jsonProperties.styles.

see DisplayStyleSettings.


Name Type Description
backgroundColor undefined | ColorDefProps The color displayed in the view background.  
backgroundMap undefined | BackgroundMapProps Settings controlling display of map imagery within views of geolocated models.  
contextRealityModels undefined | ContextRealityModelProps[] Contextual Reality Models  
excludedElements undefined | Id64String[] List of IDs of excluded elements  
monochromeColor undefined | ColorDefProps The color used in monochrome mode.  
scheduleScript undefined | RenderSchedule.ElementTimelineProps[] Schedule script Beta
subCategoryOvr undefined | DisplayStyleSubCategoryProps[] Overrides applied to the appearances of subcategories in the view.  
viewflags undefined | ViewFlagProps    

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019