DisplayStyle3dSettings Class


Provides access to the settings defined by a DisplayStyle3d or DisplayStyle3dState, and ensures that the style's JSON properties are kept in sync.



Name Description
constructor(jsonProperties: object): DisplayStyle3dSettings    

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
addExcludedElements(id: Id64String): void DisplayStyleSettings Add an element to the set of excluded elements defined by the display style.
dropExcludedElement(id: Id64String): void DisplayStyleSettings Remove an element from the set of excluded elements defined by the display style.
dropSubCategoryOverride(id: Id64String): void DisplayStyleSettings Remove any SubCategoryOverride applied to a SubCategoryAppearance by this style.
getSubCategoryOverride(id: Id64String): SubCategoryOverride | undefined DisplayStyleSettings Obtain the overrides applied to a SubCategoryAppearance by this style.
overrideSubCategory(id: Id64String, ovr: SubCategoryOverride): void DisplayStyleSettings Customize the way geometry belonging to a SubCategory is drawn by this display style.


Name Type Description
ambientOcclusionSettings Accessor AmbientOcclusion.Settings The settings that control how ambient occlusion is displayed.  
hiddenLineSettings Accessor HiddenLine.Settings The settings that control how visible and hidden edges are displayed.  
solarShadowsSettings Accessor SolarShadows.Settings The settings that control how solar shadows are displayed.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
_json Protected DisplayStyleSettingsProps DisplayStyleSettings  
backgroundColor Accessor ColorDef DisplayStyleSettings The background color.
excludedElements Accessor ReadOnly Set<Id64String> DisplayStyleSettings The set of elements that the display style will exclude.
hasSubCategoryOverride Accessor ReadOnly boolean DisplayStyleSettings Returns true if an [[SubCategoryOverride]s are defined by this style.
monochromeColor Accessor ColorDef DisplayStyleSettings The color used to draw geometry in monochrome mode.
viewFlags Accessor ViewFlags DisplayStyleSettings The ViewFlags associated with the display style.

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019