BackgroundMapSettings Class


Normalized representation of a BackgroundMapProps for which type and provider have been validated and default values have been applied where explicit values not defined.


Name Description
clone(changedProps?: BackgroundMapProps): BackgroundMapSettings Create a copy of this BackgroundMapSettings, optionally modifying some of its properties.  
equals(other: BackgroundMapSettings): boolean    
equalsJSON(json?: BackgroundMapProps): boolean Returns true if these settings are equivalent to the supplied JSON settings.  
toJSON(): BackgroundMapProps    
fromJSON(json?: BackgroundMapProps): BackgroundMapSettings Static Construct from JSON, performing validation and applying default values for undefined fields.  


Name Type Description
applyTerrain boolean If true, terrain heights will be applied to the map; otherwise the map will be rendered as a plane.  
groundBias number Elevation in meters, relative to sea level.  
mapType BackgroundMapType The type of map graphics to be drawn.  
providerName BackgroundMapProviderName Identifies the provider from which map image will be obtained.  
transparency number | false A transparency value from 0.0 (fully opaque) to 1.0 (fully transparent) to apply to map graphics when drawing, or false to indicate the transparency should not be overridden.  
transparencyOverride Accessor ReadOnly number | undefined If transparency is overridden, the transparency to apply; otherwise, undefined.  
useDepthBuffer boolean If set to true, the map tiles will be rendered with depth, allowing them to obscure other geometry.  

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020