BackgroundMapProps Interface

JSON representation of the settings associated with a background map displayed by a DisplayStyle.

see DisplayStyleSettingsProps


Name Type Description
applyTerrain undefined | false | true If true, terrain heights will be applied to the map; otherwise the map will be rendered as a plane.  
groundBias undefined | number The elevation of the map in meters relative to sea level.  
providerData undefined | object Options for customizing the tiles supplied by the provider.  
providerName undefined | string Identifies the source of the map tiles.  
transparency number | false A transparency value from 0.0 (fully opaque) to 1.0 (fully transparent) to apply to map graphics when drawing, or false to indicate the transparency should not be overridden.  
useDepthBuffer undefined | false | true If set to true, the map tiles will be rendered with depth, allowing them to obscure other geometry.  

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019