RpcRequest<TResponse> Class

A RPC operation request.

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Name Description
constructor(client: RpcInterface, operation: string, parameters: any[]): RpcRequest Constructs an RPC request.  
_resolveRaw(): undefined Protected    
findParameterOfType<T>(requiredProperties: [index: string]: string): T | undefined Finds the first parameter of a given structural type if present.  
findTokenPropsParameter(): IModelTokenProps | undefined Finds the first IModelTokenProps parameter if present.  
handleUnknownResponse(code: number): void Protected    
load(): Promise<RpcSerializedValue> ProtectedAbstract Override to load response value.  
reject(reason: any): void Protected    
send(): Promise<number> ProtectedAbstract Override to send the request.  
setHeader(name: string, value: string): void ProtectedAbstract Override to set request header values.  
setLastUpdatedTime(): void Protected Sets the last updated time for the request.  
submit(): Promise<void>    
current(context: RpcInterface): RpcRequest Static The request for the current RPC operation.  


Name Type Description
_rawPromise Protected Promise<Response>    
_response Protected Response | undefined    
aggregateLoad Accessor StaticReadOnly RpcOperationsProfile The aggregate operations profile of all active RPC interfaces.  
client RpcInterface The RPC client instance for this request.  
connecting Accessor ReadOnly boolean Whether a connection is active for this request.  
elapsed Accessor ReadOnly number The elapsed time for this request.  
events Static BeEvent<RpcRequestEventHandler> Events raised by RpcRequest.  
extendedStatus Accessor ReadOnly string Extended status information for this request (if available).  
id string The unique identifier of this request.  
lastSubmitted Accessor ReadOnly number The last submission for this request.  
lastUpdated Accessor ReadOnly number The last status update received for this request.  
method string A protocol-specific method identifier for this request.  
notFoundHandlers Static BeEvent<RpcRequestNotFoundHandler> Resolvers for "not found" requests.  
operation RpcOperation The operation for this request.  
parameters any[] The parameters for this request.  
path string A protocol-specific path identifier for this request.  
pending Accessor ReadOnly boolean Whether this request is pending.  
protocol RpcProtocol Convenience access to the protocol of this request.  
rawResponse Accessor ReadOnly Promise<Response> The raw implementation response for this request.  
response Promise<TResponse> The implementation response for this request.  
retryInterval number The target interval (in milliseconds) between submission attempts for this request.  
status Accessor ReadOnly RpcRequestStatus The status of this request.  

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019