RpcProtocol Class

An application protocol for an RPC interface.

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Name Description
constructor(configuration: RpcConfiguration): RpcProtocol Constructs a protocol.  
fulfill(request: SerializedRpcRequest): Promise<RpcRequestFulfillment> Obtains the implementation result on the backend for an RPC operation request.  
getCode(status: RpcRequestStatus): number Override to supply the protocol-specific code corresponding to a status value.  
getOperationFromPath(path: string): SerializedRpcOperation Override to supply the operation for a protocol-specific path value.  
getStatus(code: number): RpcRequestStatus Override to supply the status corresponding to a protocol-specific code value.  
inflateToken(tokenFromBody: IModelTokenProps, _request: SerializedRpcRequest): IModelTokenProps If checkToken is true, will be called on the backend to inflate the IModelToken for each request.  
serialize(request: RpcRequest): Promise<SerializedRpcRequest> Serializes a request.  
supplyPathForOperation(operation: RpcOperation, _request: RpcRequest | undefined): string Override to supply the protocol-specific path value for an RPC operation.  


Name Type Description
checkToken boolean Used by protocols that can transmit IModelToken values natively.  
configuration RpcConfiguration The configuration for the protocol.  
events Static BeEvent<RpcProtocolEventHandler> Events raised by all protocols.  
events BeEvent<RpcProtocolEventHandler> Events raised by the protocol.  
invocationType RpcInvocation The RPC invocation class for this protocol.  
preserveStreams boolean Used by protocols that can transmit stream values natively.  
requestType Abstract RpcRequest The RPC request class for this protocol.  
transferChunkThreshold number If greater than zero, specifies where to break large binary request payloads.  

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