RpcOperationPolicy Class

The policy for an RPC operation.


Name Description
allowResponseCaching(_request: RpcRequest<any>): None Determines if caching is permitted for an operation response.  
invocationCallback(_invocation: RpcInvocation): void Called for every operation invocation on the backend.  
requestCallback(_request: RpcRequest<any>): void Called before every operation request on the frontend is sent.  
retryInterval(configuration: RpcConfiguration): number Supplies the initial retry interval for an operation request.  
sentCallback(_request: RpcRequest<any>): void Called after every operation request on the frontend is sent.  
token(request: RpcRequest<any>): undefined | IModelTokenProps Supplies the IModelToken for an operation request.  


Name Type Description
allowTokenMismatch boolean Whether the IModelToken in the operation parameter list is allowed to differ from the token in the request URL.  
forceStrictMode boolean Forces RpcConfiguration.strictMode for this operation.  

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019