RpcInvocation Class

An RPC operation invocation in response to a request.


Name Description
constructor(protocol: RpcProtocol, request: SerializedRpcRequest): RpcInvocation Constructs an invocation.  
current(rpcImpl: RpcInterface): RpcInvocation Static The invocation for the current RPC operation.  


Name Type Description
elapsed Accessor ReadOnly number The elapsed time for this invocation.  
fulfillment Promise<RpcRequestFulfillment> The fulfillment for this request.  
operation RpcOperation The operation of the request.  
protocol RpcProtocol The protocol for this invocation.  
request SerializedRpcRequest The received request.  
result Promise<any> The implementation response.  
status Accessor ReadOnly RpcRequestStatus The status for this request.  

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019