RpcConfiguration Class

A RpcConfiguration specifies how calls on an RPC interface will be marshalled, plus other operating parameters. RpcConfiguration is the base class for specific configurations.

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Name Description
assign<T extends RpcInterface>(definition: RpcInterfaceDefinition<T extends RpcInterface>, supplier: RpcConfigurationSupplier): void Static Sets the configuration supplier for an RPC interface class.  
initializeInterfaces(configuration: RpcConfiguration): void Static Initializes the RPC interfaces managed by the configuration.  
obtain<T extends RpcConfiguration>(configurationConstructor: object): T extends RpcConfiguration Static Obtains the instance of an RPC configuration class.  


Name Type Description
developmentMode Static boolean Whether development mode is enabled.  
interfaces Abstract () => RpcInterfaceDefinition[] The RPC interfaces managed by the configuration.  
pendingOperationRetryInterval number The target interval (in milliseconds) between connection attempts for pending RPC operation requests.  
protocol Abstract RpcProtocol The protocol of the configuration.  
strictMode Static boolean Whether strict mode is enabled.  
throwOnTokenMismatch Static boolean Whether to throw an error when the IModelToken in the operation parameter list differs from the token in the URL.  

Object Literals

Name Description
requestContext Static Enables passing of application-specific context with each RPC request.

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019