Classes for working with RpcInterfaces.


Name Description
BentleyCloudRpcConfiguration Operating parameters for Bentley cloud RPC interface deployments.
BentleyCloudRpcManager Coordinates usage of RPC interfaces for Bentley cloud deployments.
BentleyCloudRpcProtocol An http protocol for Bentley cloud RPC interface deployments.
ElectronRpcConfiguration RPC interface configuration for an Electron-based application.
ElectronRpcManager Coordinates usage of RPC interfaces for an Electron-based application.
ElectronRpcProtocol RPC interface protocol for an Electron-based application.
IModelNotFoundResponse Response if the IModelDb was not found at the backend
IModelReadRpcInterface The RPC interface for reading from an iModel.
IModelWriteRpcInterface The RPC interface for writing to an iModel.
RpcConfiguration A RpcConfiguration specifies how calls on an RPC interface will be marshalled, plus other operating parameters.
RpcControlChannel Manages requests and responses for an RPC configuration.
RpcControlResponse An RPC operation control response.
RpcInterface An RPC interface is a set of operations exposed by a service that a client can call, using configurable protocols,
RpcInvocation An RPC operation invocation in response to a request.
RpcManager RPC interface management is concerned with coordination of access and configuration for RPC interfaces.
RpcMultipart Support for transporting RPC values using the HTTP multipart content type.
RpcNotFoundResponse A RPC operation response .
RpcOpenAPIDescription An OpenAPI-compatible description of an RPC protocol.
RpcOperation An RPC operation descriptor.
RpcOperationPolicy The policy for an RPC operation.
RpcPendingQueue Manages pending RPC requests and responses.
RpcPendingResponse A pending RPC operation response.
RpcProtocol An application protocol for an RPC interface.
RpcRequest A RPC operation request.
StandaloneIModelRpcInterface The RPC interface for working with standalone iModels.
WebAppRpcProtocol The HTTP application protocol.
WebAppRpcRequest A web application RPC request.


Name Description
RpcContentType RPC content types.
RpcEndpoint Endpoints for RPC protocols..
RpcMarshalingDirective RPC interface type marshaling directives.
RpcMobilePlatform RPC supported mobile platforms.
RpcProtocolEvent RPC protocol event types.
RpcRequestEvent RPC request event types.
RpcRequestStatus The status of an RPC operation request.
RpcResponseCacheControl Describes available options for RPC response caching.


Name Description
BentleyCloudRpcParams Initialization parameters for BentleyCloudRpcConfiguration.
ElectronRpcParams Initialization parameters for ElectronRpcConfiguration.
HttpServerRequest An HTTP server request object.
HttpServerResponse An HTTP server response object.
OpenAPIContentMap An OpenAPI 3.0 content map.
OpenAPIDocument An OpenAPI 3.0 root document object.
OpenAPIEncoding An OpenAPI 3.0 encoding object.
OpenAPIInfo An OpenAPI 3.0 info object.
OpenAPIMediaType An OpenAPI 3.0 media type object.
OpenAPIOperation An OpenAPI 3.0 operation object.
OpenAPIParameter An OpenAPI 3.0 parameter object.
OpenAPIPathItem An OpenAPI 3.0 path item object.
OpenAPIPaths An OpenAPI 3.0 paths object.
OpenAPIRequestBody An OpenAPI 3.0 parameter object.
OpenAPIResponse An OpenAPI 3.0 response object.
OpenAPIResponses An OpenAPI 3.0 responses object.
OpenAPISchema An OpenAPI 3.0 schema object.
RpcInterfaceEndpoints Describes the endpoints of an RPC interface.
RpcOperationsProfile Runtime information related to the operation load of one or more RPC interfaces.
SerializedRpcOperation A serialized RPC operation descriptor.
SerializedRpcRequest A serialized RPC operation request.


Name Description

Type Aliases

Name Description
RpcInvocationCallback_T Notification callback for an RPC invocation.
RpcProtocolEventHandler Handles RPC protocol events.
RpcRequestCallback_T Notification callback for an RPC request.
RpcRequestEventHandler Handles RPC request events.
RpcRequestIdSupplier_T Supplies a unique identifier for an RPC request.
RpcRequestInitialRetryIntervalSupplier_T Supplies the initial retry interval for an RPC request.
RpcRequestNotFoundHandler Resolves "not found" responses for RPC requests.
RpcRequestTokenSupplier_T Supplies an IModelToken for an RPC request.
RpcResponseCachingCallback_T Determines if caching is permitted for a RPC response.

Last Updated: 19 February, 2019