RenderTexture.Params Class

Parameters used to construct a RenderTexture.


Name Description
constructor(key?: string, type: RenderTexture.Type = Type.Normal, isOwned: boolean = false): RenderTexture.Params    


Name Type Description
defaults Static RenderTexture.Params Obtain a RenderTexture params object with default values.  
isGlyph Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
isOwned boolean Indicates that some object is managing the lifetime of this texture and will take care of calling its dispose function appropriately.  
isSkyBox Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
isTileSection Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
key undefined | string A string uniquely identifying this texture within the context of an IModelConnection.  
type RenderTexture.Type Indicates the type of texture.  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019