RenderMode Enumeration

Enumerates the available rendering modes. The rendering mode chiefly controls whether and how surfaces and their edges are drawn. Generally speaking,

  • Wireframe draws only edges.
  • SmoothShade draws only surfaces.
  • HiddenLine and SolidFill draw both surfaces and edges.
  • Lighting is only applied in SmoothShade mode.

The FillFlags associated with planar regions controls whether and how the region's interior area is displayed in Wireframe mode. ViewFlags has options for enabling display of visible and/or hidden edges in SmoothShade mode. HiddenLine.Settings allow aspects of edge and surface symbology to be overridden within a view.


Name Value Description
Wireframe 0 Render only edges, no surfaces, with exceptions for planar regions with FillFlags set up to render the surface in wireframe mode.
HiddenLine 3 Render edges and surfaces. Surfaces are drawn using the view's background color instead of the element's fill color.
SolidFill 4 Render edges and surfaces.
SmoothShade 6 Render only surfaces, no edges, with lighting.

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019