RenderMaterial.Params Class

Parameters used to construct a RenderMaterial


Name Description
constructor(key?: string): RenderMaterial.Params    
fromColors(key?: string, diffuseColor?: ColorDef, specularColor?: ColorDef, emissiveColor?: ColorDef, reflectColor?: ColorDef, textureMap?: TextureMapping): RenderMaterial.Params Static Create a RenderMaterial params object using specified key and ColorDef values, as well as an optional texture mapping.  


Name Type Description
alpha Accessor number | undefined A value from 0.0 (fully-transparent) to 1.0 (fully-opaque) controlling the transparency of surfaces to which this material is applied;
or undefined if this material does not override surface transparency.
ambient number Currently unused.  
defaults Static RenderMaterial.Params Obtain an immutable instance of a RenderMaterial with all default properties.  
diffuse number Diffuse weight in [0..1]  
diffuseColor undefined | ColorDef Diffuse color, or undefined if this material does not override the surface's own color.  
emissiveColor undefined | ColorDef Currently unused.  
key undefined | string If the material originates from a Material element in the IModelDb, the Id of that element.  
reflect number Currently unused.  
reflectColor undefined | ColorDef Currently unused.  
refract number Currently unused.  
shadows boolean Currently unused.  
specular number Specular weight in [0..1]  
specularColor undefined | ColorDef Specular color.  
specularExponent number    
textureMapping undefined | TextureMapping Optional pattern mapping applied to the surface.  

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020