GraphicParams Class


The "cooked" material and symbology for a RenderGraphic. This determines the appearance (e.g. texture, color, width, linestyle, etc.) used to draw Geometry.


Name Description
setFillColor(fillColor: ColorDef): void Set the current fill color for this GraphicParams.  
setFillTransparency(transparency: number): void    
setLineColor(lineColor: ColorDef): void set the line color
@param lineColor the new line color for this GraphicParams.
setLinePixels(code: LinePixels): void Set the linear pixel pattern for this GraphicParams.  
setLineTransparency(transparency: number): void    
fromBlankingFill(fillColor: ColorDef): GraphicParams Static    
fromSymbology(lineColor: ColorDef, fillColor: ColorDef, lineWidth: number, linePixels: LinePixels = LinePixels.Solid): GraphicParams Static    


Name Type Description
fillColor ColorDef    
fillFlags FillFlags    
gradient undefined | Gradient.Symb    
lineColor ColorDef    
linePixels LinePixels    
lineTexture undefined | RenderTexture    
material undefined | RenderMaterial    
rasterWidth number    
trueWidthEnd number    
trueWidthStart number    

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019