GeometryParams Class

Describes the display properties of graphics in a persistent element's GeometryStream that aren't inherited from SubCategoryAppearance.

see GeometryStreamProps.


Name Description
constructor(categoryId: Id64String, subCategoryId: string = Id64.invalid): GeometryParams Create a GeometryParams given a Category Id for a GeometricElement and optional SubCategory Id.  
clone(): GeometryParams    
isEquivalent(other: GeometryParams): boolean Compare two GeometryParams for equivalence, i.e.  
resetAppearance(): void Clears SubCategoryAppearance overrides while preserving GeometryParams.categoryId and GeometryParams.subCategoryId.  
setCategoryId(categoryId: Id64String, clearAppearanceOverrides: boolean = true): void Change GeometryParams.categoryId to the supplied id, GeometryParams.subCategoryId to the supplied category's the default subCategory, and optionally clear any SubCategoryAppearance overrides.  
setSubCategoryId(subCategoryId: Id64String, clearAppearanceOverrides: boolean = true): void Change GeometryParams.subCategoryId to the supplied id and optionally clear any SubCategoryAppearance overrides.  


Name Type Description
backgroundFill undefined | BackgroundFill Optional fill using the current view background color for region interiors.  
categoryId ConstructorProperty Id64String    
elmPriority undefined | number Optional display priority added to SubCategoryAppearance.priority.  
elmTransparency undefined | number Optional line color transparency to combine with SubCategoryAppearance.transparency.  
fillColor undefined | ColorDef Optional fill color for region interiors.  
fillDisplay undefined | FillDisplay Optional fill specification that determines when and if a region interior will display using GeometryParams.gradient, GeometryParams.backgroundFill, or GeometryParams.fillColor in that order of preference.  
fillTransparency undefined | number Optional fill color transparency to combine with SubCategoryAppearance.transparency.  
geometryClass undefined | GeometryClass Optional geometry classification that can be toggled off with a ViewFlags independent of SubCategoryAppearance.invisible.  
gradient undefined | Gradient.Symb Optional gradient fill settings for region interiors. Beta
lineColor undefined | ColorDef Optional line color to override SubCategoryAppearance.color.  
materialId undefined | Id64String Optional render material to override SubCategoryAppearance.materialId.  
pattern undefined | AreaPattern.Params Optional area pattern settings for region interiors.  
styleInfo undefined | LineStyle.Info Optional line style to override SubCategoryAppearance.styleId plus modifiers to override the line style definition.  
subCategoryId ConstructorProperty string    
weight undefined | number Optional line weight to override SubCategoryAppearance.weight.  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019