FeatureTable Class


Defines a look-up table for Features within a batched RenderGraphic. Consecutive 32-bit indices are assigned to each unique Feature. Primitives within the RenderGraphic can use per-vertex indices to specify the distribution of Features within the primitive.V A FeatureTable can be shared amongst multiple primitives within a single RenderGraphic, and amongst multiple sub-Graphics of a RenderGraphic.

see FeatureSymbology for mechanisms for resymbolizing features within a ViewState.



Name Description
constructor(maxFeatures: number, modelId: Id64String = Id64.invalid, type: BatchType = BatchType.Primary): FeatureTable Construct an empty FeatureTable.  
findFeature(index: number): Feature | undefined Returns the Feature corresponding to the specified index, or undefined if the index is not present.  

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
clear(): void IndexMap Removes all elements from the map.
indexOf(value: Feature): number IndexMap Finds the index of an element equivalent to the supplied value.
insert(value: Feature, onInsert?: (value: Feature) => any): number IndexMap Attempt to insert a new value into the map.
lowerBound(value: Feature): object Protected IndexMap  


Name Type Description
isPlanarClassifier Accessor ReadOnly boolean Returns true if this FeatureTable is associated with BatchType.PlanarClassifier geometry.  
isUniform Accessor ReadOnly boolean Returns true if this FeatureTable contains exactly one Feature.  
isVolumeClassifier Accessor ReadOnly boolean Returns true if this FeatureTable is associated with BatchType.VolumeClassifier geometry.  
maxFeatures Accessor ReadOnly number Returns the maximum number of Features this FeatureTable can contain.  
modelId Id64String    
type BatchType    
uniform Accessor ReadOnly Feature | undefined If this FeatureTable contains exactly one Feature, returns that Feature; otherwise returns undefined.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
_array Protected Array<IndexedValue<Feature>> IndexMap  
_clone Protected CloneFunction<Feature> IndexMap  
_compareValues Protected OrderedComparator<Feature> IndexMap  
_maximumSize Protected number IndexMap  
isEmpty boolean IndexMap Returns true if the map contains no elements.
isFull boolean IndexMap Returns true if the maximum number of elements have been inserted.
length number IndexMap The number of elements in the map.

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019