Feature Class

Describes a "feature" within a batched RenderGraphic. A batched RenderGraphic can contain multiple features. Each feature is associated with a unique combination of attributes (elementId, subcategory, geometry class). This allows geometry to be more efficiently batched on the GPU, while enabling features to be re-symbolized individually.

As a simple example, a single mesh primitive may contain geometry for 3 elements, all belonging to the same subcategory and geometry class. The mesh would therefore contain 3 Features. Each vertex within the mesh would be associated with the index of the Feature to which it belongs, where the index is determined by the FeatureTable associated with the primitive.

see FeatureSymbology for mechanisms for controlling or overriding the symbology of individual features within a ViewState.


Name Description
constructor(elementId: Id64String = Id64.invalid, subCategoryId: Id64String = Id64.invalid, geometryClass: GeometryClass = GeometryClass.Primary): Feature    
compare(rhs: Feature): number Performs ordinal comparison of this feature with another.  
equals(other: Feature): boolean Returns true if this feature is equivalent to the supplied feature.  


Name Type Description
elementId string    
geometryClass GeometryClass    
isDefined Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
isUndefined Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
subCategoryId string    

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019