Camera Class

The current position (eyepoint), lens angle, and focus distance of a camera.



Name Description
constructor(props?: CameraProps): Camera Construct a Camera  
clone(): Camera    
equals(other: Camera): boolean    
getEyePoint(): Point3d    
getFocusDistance(): number    
getLensAngle(): Angle    
invalidateFocus(): void    
setEyePoint(pt: XYAndZ): void    
setFocusDistance(dist: number): void    
setFrom(rhs: Camera): void    
setLensAngle(angle: Angle): void    
validateLens(): void    
isValidLensAngle(val: Angle): boolean Static    
validateLensAngle(val: Angle): void Static    


Name Type Description
eye Point3d    
focusDist number    
isFocusValid Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
isLensValid Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
isValid Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
lens Angle    

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020