Classes for rendering geometry in views.


Name Description
Camera The current position (eyepoint), lens angle, and focus distance of a camera.
Feature Describes a "feature" within a batched RenderGraphic.
FeatureTable Defines a look-up table for Features within a batched RenderGraphic.
GeometryParams Describes the display properties of graphics in a persistent element's GeometryStream that aren't inherited from SubCategoryAppearance.
GraphicParams The "cooked" material and symbology for a RenderGraphic.
GroundPlane A circle drawn at a Z elevation, whose diameter is the the XY diagonal of the project extents, used to represent the ground as a reference point within a spatial view.
ImageBuffer Uncompressed bitmap image data
ImageSource Image data encoded and compressed in either Jpeg or Png format.
RenderMaterial Represents a material which can be applied to a surface to control aspects of its appearance such as color, reflectivity, texture, and so on.
RenderMaterial.Params Parameters used to construct a RenderMaterial
RenderTexture Represents a texture image applied to a surface during rendering.
RenderTexture.Params Parameters used to construct a RenderTexture.
TextureMapping Describes how to map a RenderTexture image onto a surface.
TextureMapping.Params Parameters describing how a texture image is mapped to a surface.
TextureMapping.Trans2x3 A 2x3 matrix for mapping a texture image to a surface.
ViewFlags Flags for controlling how graphics appear within a View.


Name Description
BackgroundFill Describes how a view's background color affects the interior area of a closed region.
BatchType Describes the type of a 'batch' of graphics representing multiple Features.
FillDisplay Whether a closed region should be drawn for wireframe display with its internal area filled or not.
FillFlags Flags indicating whether and how the interiors of closed planar regions is displayed within a view.
GeometryClass Categorizes a piece of geometry within a GeometryStream.
ImageBufferFormat Format of an ImageBuffer.
ImageSourceFormat The format of an ImageSource.
LinePixels Enumerates the available patterns for drawing patterned lines.
RenderMode Enumerates the available rendering modes.
RenderTexture.Type Enumerates the types of RenderTextures.
TextureMapping.Mode Enumerates the possible texture mapping modes.

Global Functions

Name Description
isPowerOfTwo Returns whether the input is a power of two.
nextHighestPowerOfTwo Returns the first power-of-two value greater than or equal to the input.


Name Description
AnalysisStyleProps Properties for display of analysis data
TextureMapping.ParamProps Properties used to construct a TextureMapping.Params.


Name Description
AmbientOcclusion Namespace containing types controlling how ambient occlusion should be drawn.
HiddenLine Namespace containing types controlling how edges and surfaces should be drawn in "hidden line" and "solid fill" RenderModes.
Hilite Contains types related to display of hilited elements within a Viewport.

Last Updated: 19 February, 2019