CreateIModelProps Interface

The properties that can be supplied when creating a new iModel.



Name Type Description
client undefined | string Client name for new iModel  
guid undefined | GuidString The GUID of new iModel.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
ecefLocation undefined | EcefLocationProps IModelProps The location of the iModel in Earth Centered Earth Fixed coordinates.
globalOrigin undefined | XYZProps IModelProps An offset to be applied to all spatial coordinates.
iModelToken undefined | IModelTokenProps IModelProps The token of the iModel.
name undefined | string IModelProps The name of the iModel.
projectExtents undefined | Range3dProps IModelProps The volume of the entire project, in spatial coordinates
rootSubject RootSubjectProps IModelProps The name and description of the root subject of this iModel

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Last Updated: 03 June, 2019