TextString Class

A single line of text, all with the same font, styles (underline, bold, italic), and size. This class also holds the origin and direction for the text. A paragraph is composed of one or more instances of TextStrings.


Name Description
constructor(props: TextStringProps): TextString    
toJSON(): TextStringProps    
transformInPlace(transform: Transform): boolean    


Name Type Description
bold undefined | false | true bold text.  
font number font number.  
height number    
italic undefined | false | true italic text.  
origin Point3d position relative to element's placement  
rotation YawPitchRollAngles Rotation relative to element's placement  
text string Text string  
underline undefined | false | true underline text.  
width Accessor ReadOnly number    
widthFactor undefined | number    

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019