Placement2d Class

The placement of a GeometricElement2d. This includes the origin, rotation, and size (bounding box) of the element.



Name Description
constructor(origin: Point2d, angle: Angle, bbox: ElementAlignedBox2d): Placement2d    
calculateRange(): AxisAlignedBox3d Calculate the axis-aligned bounding box for this placement.  
getWorldCorners(out?: Frustum): Frustum Get the 8 corners, in world coordinates, of this placement.  
setFrom(other: Placement2d): void Set the contents of this Placement3d from another Placement3d  
fromJSON(json?: Placement2dProps): Placement2d Static Create a new Placement2d from a Placement2dProps.  


Name Type Description
angle ConstructorProperty Angle    
bbox ConstructorProperty ElementAlignedBox2d    
isValid Accessor ReadOnly boolean Determine whether this Placement2d is valid.  
origin ConstructorProperty Point2d    
rotation Accessor ReadOnly Matrix3d Get the rotation from local coordinates of this placement to world coordinates.  
transform Accessor ReadOnly Transform Get the transform from local coordinates of this placement to world coordinates.  

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Last Updated: 03 June, 2019