GeometryStreamIteratorEntry Class

Holds current state information for GeometryStreamIterator. Each entry represents exactly one geometry primitive in the stream. One of the following will be defined based on the type of primitive; the rest will be undefined:

  • partToLocal and partId describing a GeometryPart reference.
  • textString
  • brep
  • textString


Name Description
constructor(category?: Id64String): GeometryStreamIteratorEntry    


Name Type Description
brep undefined | BRepEntity.DataProps Current iterator entry is a BRepEntity.DataProps when brep is not undefined Beta
geometryQuery undefined | GeometryQuery Current iterator entry is a GeometryQuery when geometryQuery is not undefined  
geomParams GeometryParams A GeometryParams representing the appearance of the current geometric entry  
localRange undefined | Range3d Optional stored local range for the current geometric entry  
localToWorld undefined | Transform Placement transform, used for converting placement relative, local coordinate entries to world  
partId undefined | Id64String Current iterator entry is a GeometryPart instance when partId is not undefined  
partToLocal undefined | Transform Optional GeometryPart instance transform when current entry is for a GeometryPart  
textString undefined | TextString Current iterator entry is a TextString when textString is not undefined  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019