GeometryAppearanceProps Interface

Establish a non-default SubCategory or to override SubCategoryAppearance for the geometry that follows. A GeometryAppearanceProps always signifies a reset to the SubCategoryAppearance for subsequent GeometryStreamProps entries for undefined values.

see GeometryStreamEntryProps


Name Type Description
color undefined | ColorDefProps Optional color to override SubCategoryAppearance.color for subsequent geometry.  
displayPriority undefined | number Optional display priority (2d only), 0 if undefined.  
style undefined | Id64String Optional style to override SubCategoryAppearance.styleId for subsequent geometry.  
subCategory undefined | Id64String Optional SubCategory id for subsequent geometry.  
transparency undefined | number Optional transparency, 0.0 if undefined.  
weight undefined | number Optional weight to override SubCategoryAppearance.weight for subsequent geometry.  

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019