Classes for working with geometry.


Name Description
Cartographic A position on the earth defined by longitude, latitude, and height above the WSG84 ellipsoid.
CartographicRange A cartographic range representing a rectangular region if low longitude/latitude > high then area crossing seam is indicated.
GeometryStreamBuilder GeometryStreamBuilder is a helper class for populating the GeometryStreamProps array needed to create a GeometricElement or GeometryPart.
GeometryStreamIterator GeometryStreamIterator is a helper class for iterating a GeometryStreamProps.
GeometryStreamIteratorEntry Hold current state information for GeometryStreamIterator
Placement2d The placement of a GeometricElement2d.
Placement3d The placement of a GeometricElement3d.
TextString A single line of text, all with the same font, styles (underline, bold, italic), and size.


Name Description
AreaFillProps Add a AreaFillProps.gradient, AreaFillProps.backgroundFill, or solid AreaFillProps.color fill to subsequent planar regions (or meshes).
GeometryAppearanceProps Establish a non-default SubCategory or to override SubCategoryAppearance for the geometry that follows.
GeometryPartInstanceProps Add a reference to a GeometryPart from the GeometryStream of a GeometricElement.
GeometryStreamEntryProps Allowed GeometryStream entries - should only set one value.
MaterialProps Override SubCategoryAppearance.materialId for subsequent surface and solid geometry.
TextStringProps Properties for a TextString class.


Name Description

Type Aliases

Name Description
AxisAlignedBox3d A Range3d that is aligned with the axes of spatial coordinates.
ElementAlignedBox2d A bounding box aligned to the orientation of a 2d Element
ElementAlignedBox3d A bounding box aligned to the orientation of a 3d Element
GeometryStreamProps A GeometricElement's GeometryStream is represented by an array of GeometryStreamEntryProps.
LocalAlignedBox3d A bounding box aligned to a local coordinate system

Last Updated: 19 February, 2019