Classes for receiving IModelHubGlobalEvents. See working with global events. Currently only available to internal Bentley products.


Name Description  
ChangeSetCreatedEvent Sent when a ChangeSet is pushed.  
GlobalEventHandler Handler for receiving IModelHubGlobalEvents.  
GlobalEventSAS Shared access signature token for getting IModelHubGlobalEvents.  
GlobalEventSubscription Subscription to receive IModelHubGlobalEvents.  
GlobalEventSubscriptionHandler Handler for managing GlobalEventSubscriptions.  
HardiModelDeleteEvent Sent when an archived iModel is completely deleted from the storage.  
IModelCreatedEvent Sent when an iModel is created.  
IModelHubGlobalEvent Base type for all iModelHub global events.  
NamedVersionCreatedEvent Sent when a named Version is created.  
SoftiModelDeleteEvent Sent when an iModel is put into the archive.  


Name Description  
GetEventOperationType Type of GlobalEventHandler.getEvent operations.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
GlobalEventType Type of IModelHubGlobalEvent.  

Last Updated: 10 April, 2019