Classes for receiving IModelHubEvents. See working with events.


Name Description  
AllCodesDeletedEvent Sent when all Codes for a Briefcase are deleted.  
AllLocksDeletedEvent Sent when all Locks for a Briefcase are deleted.  
BaseEventSAS Base class for event shared access signatures.  
BriefcaseDeletedEvent Sent when a Briefcase is deleted.  
BriefcaseEvent Base type for iModelHub events that have BriefcaseId.  
ChangeSetPostPushEvent Sent when a ChangeSet is successfully pushed.  
ChangeSetPrePushEvent Sent when a ChangeSet push has started.  
CodeEvent Sent when one or more Codes are updated.  
EventHandler Handler for receiving IModelHubEvents.  
EventSAS Shared access signature token for getting IModelHubEvents.  
EventSubscription Subscription to receive IModelHubEvents.  
EventSubscriptionHandler Handler for managing EventSubscriptions.  
IModelDeletedEvent Sent when an iModel is deleted.  
IModelHubBaseEvent Base type for all iModelHub global events  
IModelHubEvent Base type for all iModelHub events.  
LockEvent Sent when one or more Locks are updated.  
VersionEvent Sent when a new named Version is created.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
EventType Type of IModelHubEvent.  

Last Updated: 10 April, 2019