Version Class


Named Version is a specific ChangeSet given a name to differentiate it from others. It can be used to represent some significant milestone for the iModel (e.g. a review version).



Name Type Description
changeSetId undefined | GuidString Id of the ChangeSet that the named Version was created for.  
createdDate undefined | string Date when the named Version was created.  
description undefined | string Description of the named Version.  
id undefined | GuidString    
largeThumbnailId undefined | GuidString Id of the LargeThumbnail of the named Version.  
name undefined | string Name of the named Version.  
smallThumbnailId undefined | GuidString Id of the SmallThumbnail of the named Version.  
userCreated undefined | string Id of the user that created the named Version.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
changeState undefined | ChangeState WsgInstance  
ecId string ECInstance  
eTag undefined | string WsgInstance  
wsgId string WsgInstance  

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020