InitializationState Enumeration


Initialization state of seed file. Can be queried with IModelHandler.getInitializationState. See iModel creation.


Name Value Description
Successful 0 Initialization was successful.
NotStarted 1 Initialization has not started, seed file has not yet been uploaded.
Scheduled 2 Initialization has been scheduled and has not completed yet.
Failed 3 Initialization failed with a generic error.
OutdatedFile 4 Initialization failed due to file having outdated schemas.
CodeTooLong 5 Initialization failed due to file having Code values that are too long.
SeedFileIsBriefcase 6 Initialization failed due to file being a Briefcase. Only standalone and master files are supported for iModel creation, see BriefcaseId.

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020