IModelClient Class


Base class that allows access to different iModel related Class handlers. Handlers should be accessed through an instance of this class, rather than constructed directly.

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Name Description
constructor(baseHandler: IModelBaseHandler, fileHandler?: FileHandler): IModelClient Creates an instance of IModelClient.  
setFileHandler(fileHandler: FileHandler): void Sets file handler for file upload/download.  


Name Type Description
_handler Protected IModelBaseHandler    
changeSets Accessor ReadOnly ChangeSetHandler Get the handler for ChangeSets. Beta
events Accessor ReadOnly EventHandler Get the handler for IModelHubEvents.  
globalEvents Accessor ReadOnly GlobalEventHandler Get the handler for IModelHubGlobalEvents.  
iModel Accessor ReadOnly IModelHandler Get the handler for HubIModel.  
iModels Accessor ReadOnly IModelsHandler Get the handler for HubIModel instances.  
versions Accessor ReadOnly VersionHandler Get the handler for Versions. Beta

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020