ChangeSetQuery Class


Query object for getting ChangeSets. You can use this to modify the query. See ChangeSetHandler.get.



Name Description
constructor(): ChangeSetQuery Constructor that sets default page size.  
afterVersion(versionId: GuidString): this Query ChangeSets after the specified Version.  
betweenChangeSets(firstChangeSetId: string, secondChangeSetId?: string): this Query ChangeSets between two specified ChangeSets.  
betweenVersionAndChangeSet(versionId: GuidString, changeSetId: string): this Query ChangeSets between the specified Version and another ChangeSet.  
betweenVersions(sourceVersionId: GuidString, destinationVersionId: GuidString): this Query ChangeSets between two specified Versions.  
fromId(id: string): this Query ChangeSets that are after the specified ChangeSet.  
getVersionChangeSets(versionId: GuidString): this Query ChangeSets included in the specified Version.  
latest(): this Change the order of results to be from newest ChangeSets to the oldest ones.  
selectApplicationData(): this Query will additionally select data about application that created this ChangeSet.  
selectDownloadUrl(): this Query will additionally select ChangeSet file download URL.  

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
byId(id: string): this StringIdQuery Query single instance by its id.
filter(filter: string): this WsgQuery Set filter to the specified filter string.
orderBy(orderBy: string): this WsgQuery Set order for the query.
pageSize(n: number): this WsgQuery Select all entries from the query by pages.
select(select: string): this WsgQuery Set select to specified select string.
skip(n: number): this WsgQuery Skip first entries in the query.
top(n: number): this WsgQuery Select only top entries from the query.

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
_query Protected RequestQueryOptions WsgQuery  

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020