ChangeSet Class


ChangeSet represents a file containing changes to the iModel. A single ChangeSet contains changes made on a single Briefcase file and pushed as a single file. ChangeSets form a linear change history of the iModel. If a user wants to push their changes to iModelHub, they first have to merge all ChangeSet they do not have yet. Only a single briefcase is allowed to push their changes at a time.



Name Type Description
applicationId undefined | string Id of the application that created this ChangeSet.  
applicationName undefined | string Name of the application that created this ChangeSet.  
briefcaseId undefined | number Id of the Briefcase that pushed this ChangeSet.  
changesType undefined | ChangesType Shows what kind of changes are contained in this ChangeSet.  
description undefined | string Description of this ChangeSet.  
downloadUrl undefined | string URL from where the ChangeSet file can be downloaded.  
fileName undefined | string Filename of the ChangeSet.  
fileSize undefined | string Size of this ChangeSet file.  
id undefined | string Id of this ChangeSet.  
index undefined | string Index of this ChangeSet (increasing, but not necessarily sequential).  
isUploaded undefined | false | true Flag that needs to be marked true, when confirming successful ChangeSet upload.  
parentId undefined | string Id of this ChangeSet's parent ChangeSet.  
pathname undefined | string Path to the download ChangeSet file on disk.  
pushDate undefined | string Date when this ChangeSet was pushed to iModelHub.  
seedFileId undefined | GuidString Id of the file that this ChangeSet belongs to.  
uploadUrl undefined | string URL where the ChangeSet file has to be uploaded.  
userCreated undefined | string Id of the user that pushed this ChangeSet.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
changeState undefined | ChangeState WsgInstance  
ecId string ECInstance  
eTag undefined | string WsgInstance  
wsgId string WsgInstance  

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020