Classes for communicating directly with iModelHub.


Name Description  
AggregateResponseError Class for aggregating errors from multiple requests.  
Briefcase Briefcase is a copy of the master file, that user acquires to work with the iModel.  
BriefcaseHandler Handler for managing Briefcases.  
BriefcaseQuery Query object for getting Briefcases.  
ChangeSet ChangeSet represents a file containing changes to the iModel.  
ChangeSetHandler Handler for managing ChangeSets.  
ChangeSetQuery Query object for getting ChangeSets.  
CodeBase Base class for Codes.  
CodeHandler Handler for managing Codes.  
CodeQuery Query object for getting Codes.  
CodeSequence Sequence of Codes matching a pattern.  
CodeSequenceHandler Handler for querying CodeSequences.  
ConflictingCodesError Error for conflicting Codes.  
ConflictingLocksError Error for conflicting Locks.  
CustomRequestOptions Class that provides custom request options for all future requests  
HubCode Code instance.  
HubIModel HubIModel represents an iModel on iModelHub.  
HubUserInfo Information about the user, allowing to identify them based on their id.  
IModelHandler Handler for managing HubIModel instance.  
IModelHubClient Class that allows access to different iModelHub class handlers.  
IModelHubClientError Errors for incorrect iModelHub requests.  
IModelHubError Error returned from iModelHub service.  
IModelQuery Query object for getting HubIModel instances.  
IModelsHandler Handler for managing HubIModel instances.  
InstanceIdQuery Query for instances with Guid based instance ids.  
LargeThumbnail Large Thumbnail class.  
Lock Lock instance.  
LockBase Base class for Locks.  
LockHandler Handler for managing Locks.  
LockQuery Query object for getting Locks.  
Query Base class for iModelHub Query objects.  
SmallThumbnail Small Thumbnail class.  
StringIdQuery Query for instances with string based instance ids.  
Thumbnail Base class for Thumbnails.  
ThumbnailHandler Handler for retrieving Thumbnails.  
ThumbnailQuery Query object for getting Thumbnails.  
UserInfoHandler Handler for querying HubUserInfo.  
UserInfoQuery Query object for getting HubUserInfo.  
UserStatistics Statistics of user created and owned instances on the iModel.  
UserStatisticsHandler Handler for querying UserStatistics.  
UserStatisticsQuery Query object for getting User Statistics.  
Version Named Version is a specific ChangeSet given a name to differentiate it from others.  
VersionHandler Handler for managing Versions.  
VersionQuery Query object for getting Versions.  


Name Description  
BriefcaseAccessMode Controls whether the user has exclusive or shared access to a local briefcase  
ChangesType Specifies types of changes in a ChangeSet.  
CodeSequenceType Type of CodeSequence results.  
CodeState Code state describes whether the code is currently in use or owned by a Briefcase.  
InitializationState Initialization state of seed file.  
LockLevel Lock level describes how restrictive the Lock is.  
LockType Lock type describes the kind of object that is locked.  


Name Description  
CodeUpdateOptions Object for specifying options when sending Code update requests.  
LockUpdateOptions Object for specifying options when sending Locks update requests.  
TipThumbnail Tip Thumbnail download parameters.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
ThumbnailSize Thumbnail size.  

Last Updated: 10 April, 2019