Config Class


Name Description
get(varName: string, defaultVal?: ValueType): any Get a property value.  
getBoolean(name: string, defaultVal?: false | true): boolean Get boolean type property  
getContainer(): any Return clone of the internal property container object.  
getNumber(name: string, defaultVal?: number): number Get number type property  
getString(name: string, defaultVal?: string): string Get string type property  
getVars(): string[] Return list of property names present in config  
has(varName: string): boolean Checks if a property exists or not  
merge(source: any): void Override or add new values from a given object into config.  
query(varName: string): any Retrieves a property if it exists, otherwise returns undefined  
remove(varName: string): void Remove a property from config  
set(varName: string, value: ValueType): void Set define a new property if it does not exist or update a writable property to new value  


Name Type Description
App Accessor StaticReadOnly Config Provide singleton object for application  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019