Base classes for creating service clients.


Name Description  
AuthenticationError Error for issues with authentication. Beta
Client Base class for all Client implementations Beta
RequestGlobalOptions Beta
ResponseError Error object that's thrown/rejected if the Request fails due to a network error, or if the status is not in the range of 200-299 (inclusive) Beta
WsgClient Base class for Client implementations of services that are based on WSG Beta
WsgError Error that was returned by a WSG based service. Beta


Name Description  
requestIdHeaderName Beta


Name Description  
ProgressInfo Beta
RequestBasicCredentials Beta
RequestOptions Beta
RequestQueryOptions Typical option to query REST API. Beta
RequestQueryStringifyOptions Beta
RequestTimeoutOptions Option to control the time outs Beta
Response Response object if the request was successful. Beta
WsgRequestOptions Options for WSG requests sent to the service Beta

Last Updated: 01 November, 2019