Classes for managing AccessToken used for all requests in other classes.


Name Description  
AccessToken Token issued by DelegationSecureTokenService for API access Beta
AuthorizationToken Token issued by Active Secure Token Service or Federated Authentication Service for user authentication/authorization Beta
ImsActiveSecureTokenClient Client API for the IMS Active Secure Token Service.  
ImsDelegationSecureTokenClient Client API for the IMS Delegation Secure Token Service.  
ImsFederatedAuthenticationClient Client API for the IMS Federated Authentication Service.  
ImsTestAuthorizationClient Implementation of IAuthorizationClient using IMS - this is only used in test environments  
Token Base class for JWT and SAML tokens Beta
UserInfo Information on the authenticated user.  


Name Description  


Name Description  
IAuthorizationClient Interface to provide authorization information for various API  
ImsUserCredentials Interface for user credentials for programmatic login to IMS  

Last Updated: 10 April, 2019