Name Description
AccessToken Token issued by DelegationSecureTokenService for API access Beta
AggregateResponseError Class for aggregating errors from multiple requests.
AllCodesDeletedEvent Sent when all Codes for a Briefcase are deleted.
AllLocksDeletedEvent Sent when all Locks for a Briefcase are deleted.
AuthenticationError Error for issues with authentication.
AuthorizationToken Token issued by Active Secure Token Service or Federated Authentication Service for user authentication/authorization Beta
AuthorizedClientRequestContext Provides generic context for a server application to get details of a particular request that originated at the client.
BaseEventSAS Base class for event shared access signatures.
BIMReviewShareClient Client wrapper to Reality Data Service
Briefcase Briefcase is a copy of the master file, that user acquires to work with the iModel.
BriefcaseDeletedEvent Sent when a Briefcase is deleted.
BriefcaseEvent Base type for iModelHub events that have BriefcaseId.
BriefcaseHandler Handler for managing Briefcases.
BriefcaseQuery Query object for getting Briefcases.
ChangeSet ChangeSet represents a file containing changes to the iModel.
ChangeSetCreatedEvent Sent when a ChangeSet is pushed.
ChangeSetHandler Handler for managing ChangeSets.
ChangeSetPostPushEvent Sent when a ChangeSet is successfully pushed.
ChangeSetPrePushEvent Sent when a ChangeSet push has started.
ChangeSetQuery Query object for getting ChangeSets.
Client Base class for all Client implementations
CodeBase Base class for Codes.
CodeEvent Sent when one or more Codes are updated.
CodeHandler Handler for managing Codes.
CodeQuery Query object for getting Codes.
CodeSequence Sequence of Codes matching a pattern.
CodeSequenceHandler Handler for querying CodeSequences.
Config Option to specify the version of the iModel to be acquired and used
ConflictingCodesError Error for conflicting Codes.
ConflictingLocksError Error for conflicting Locks.
ConnectClient Client API to access the connect services.
Content Content
CustomRequestOptions Class that provides custom request options for all future requests
DefaultRequestOptionsProvider Provider for default RequestOptions, used by Client to set defaults.
DefaultWsgRequestOptionsProvider Provider for wsg RequestOptions, used by WsgClient to set defaults.
ECInstance Base class for all typed instances mapped to ECInstance-s in an ECDb
ECJsonTypeMap Manages the mapping between TypeScript and EC Classes/Properties
EventHandler Handler for receiving IModelHubEvents.
EventSAS Shared access signature token for getting IModelHubEvents.
EventSubscription Subscription to receive IModelHubEvents.
EventSubscriptionHandler Handler for managing EventSubscriptions.
FeatureEndedLogEntry End point of a duration Feature log entry that is submitted to the ULAS Posting Service.
FeatureLogEntry Feature log entry data that is submitted to the ULAS Posting Service.
FeatureStartedLogEntry Start point of a duration Feature log entry that is submitted to the ULAS Posting Service.
FileAccessKey File Access Key
FormDataManagementClient Client wrapper to Reality Data Service
FormDefinition FormDefinition
FormInstanceData FormData
GlobalEventHandler Handler for receiving IModelHubGlobalEvents.
GlobalEventSAS Shared access signature token for getting IModelHubGlobalEvents.
GlobalEventSubscription Subscription to receive IModelHubGlobalEvents.
GlobalEventSubscriptionHandler Handler for managing GlobalEventSubscriptions.
HardiModelDeleteEvent Sent when an archived iModel is completely deleted from the storage.
HubCode Code instance.
HubIModel HubIModel represents an iModel on iModelHub.
HubUserInfo Information about the user, allowing to identify them based on their id.
IModelBankDummyAuthorizationClient Implements the user permission abstraction by creating a dummy AccessToken.
IModelClient Base class that allows access to different iModel related Class handlers.
IModelCreatedEvent Sent when an iModel is created.
IModelDeletedEvent Sent when an iModel is deleted.
IModelHandler Handler for managing HubIModel instance.
IModelHubBaseEvent Base type for all iModelHub global events
IModelHubClient Class that allows access to different iModelHub class handlers.
IModelHubClientError Errors for incorrect iModelHub requests.
IModelHubError Error returned from iModelHub service.
IModelHubEvent Base type for all iModelHub events.
IModelHubGlobalEvent Base type for all iModelHub global events.
IModelQuery Query object for getting HubIModel instances.
IModelsHandler Handler for managing HubIModel instances.
ImsActiveSecureTokenClient Client API for the IMS Active Secure Token Service.
ImsDelegationSecureTokenClient Client API for the IMS Delegation Secure Token Service.
ImsFederatedAuthenticationClient Client API for the IMS Federated Authentication Service.
ImsTestAuthorizationClient Implementation of IAuthorizationClient using IMS - this is only used in test environments
InstanceIdQuery Query for instances with Guid based instance ids.
LargeThumbnail Large Thumbnail class.
Lock Lock instance.
LockBase Base class for Locks.
LockEvent Sent when one or more Locks are updated.
LockHandler Handler for managing Locks.
LockQuery Query object for getting Locks.
NamedVersionCreatedEvent Sent when a named Version is created.
Permission RBAC permission
Project Connect project
Query Base class for iModelHub Query objects.
RbacProject RBAC project
RbacUser RBAC user
RealityData RealityData
RealityDataServicesClient Client wrapper to Reality Data Service.
ResponseError Error object that's thrown/rejected if the Request fails due to a network error, or
SettingsResult The result of the SettingsAdmin methods to save, retrieve, and delete settings.
SmallThumbnail Small Thumbnail class.
SoftiModelDeleteEvent Sent when an iModel is put into the archive.
StringIdQuery Query for instances with string based instance ids.
Thumbnail Base class for Thumbnails.
ThumbnailHandler Handler for retrieving Thumbnails.
ThumbnailQuery Query object for getting Thumbnails.
Token Base class for JWT and SAML tokens Beta
UlasClient Client for the Bentley Usage Logging & Analysis Services (ULAS).
UrlDiscoveryClient Client API to discover URLs from the URL Discovery service
UsageLogEntry Usage log entry data that is submitted to the ULAS Posting Service.
UserInfo Information on the authenticated user.
UserInfoHandler Handler for querying HubUserInfo.
UserInfoQuery Query object for getting HubUserInfo.
UserStatistics Statistics of user created and owned instances on the iModel.
UserStatisticsHandler Handler for querying UserStatistics.
UserStatisticsQuery Query object for getting User Statistics.
Version Named Version is a specific ChangeSet given a name to differentiate it from others.
VersionEvent Sent when a new named Version is created.
VersionHandler Handler for managing Versions.
VersionQuery Query object for getting Versions.
WsgClient Base class for Client implementations of services that are based on WSG
WsgError Error that was returned by a WSG based service.
WsgInstance Base class for all typed instances mapped to ECInstance-s in both an ECDb, and the WSG repository


Name Description


Name Description
BriefcaseAccessMode Controls whether the user has exclusive or shared access to a local briefcase
ChangesType Specifies types of changes in a ChangeSet.
CodeSequenceType Type of CodeSequence results.
CodeState Code state describes whether the code is currently in use or owned by a Briefcase.
GetEventOperationType Type of GlobalEventHandler.getEvent operations.
InitializationState Initialization state of seed file.
LockLevel Lock level describes how restrictive the Lock is.
LockType Lock type describes the kind of object that is locked.
LoggerCategory Logger categories used by this package
SettingsStatus Possible values for SettingsResults.status
UsageType Represents one of the potential usage types.

Global Functions

Name Description
getArrayBuffer fetch array buffer from HTTP request
getJson fetch json from HTTP request
request Wrapper around HTTP request utility


Name Description
CodeUpdateOptions Object for specifying options when sending Code update requests.
ConnectRequestQueryOptions Options to request connect projects
FeatureLogEntryAttribute Represents arbitrary metadata that can be attached to a
FeatureLogEntryJson Specifies the JSON format for a FeatureLogEntry as expected by the ULAS REST API
FileHandler Handler for file system, and upload / download.
IAngularOidcFrontendClient Interface for frontend client that handles redirect callback
IAuthorizationClient Interface to provide authorization information for various API
ImsUserCredentials Interface for user credentials for programmatic login to IMS
IOidcFrontendClient Interface to implement a typical frontend client Beta
LockUpdateOptions Object for specifying options when sending Locks update requests.
LogPostingResponse Response from posting a UsageLogEntry or FeatureLogEntry with the UlasClient.
OidcFrontendClientConfiguration Client configuration to generate OIDC/OAuth tokens for browser, desktop and mobile applications Beta
ProductVersion Represents the version of the product logging usage or features.
RequestQueryOptions Typical option to query REST API.
Response Response object if the request was successful.
SettingsAdmin Methods available to save and get Settings objects on behalf of combinations of the Application, Project, iModel, and User
TipThumbnail Tip Thumbnail download parameters.
UsageLogEntryJson Specifies the JSON format for a UsageLogEntry as expected by the ULAS REST API
UsageUserInfo Information about the user for who usage is tracked with the ULAS Posting Service.
WsgRequestOptions Options for WSG requests sent to the service

Type Aliases

Name Description
EventType Type of IModelHubEvent.
GlobalEventType Type of IModelHubGlobalEvent.
ThumbnailSize Thumbnail size.

Last Updated: 10 April, 2019