insert MethodStatic

Insert an OrthographicViewDefinition

insert(iModelDb: IModelDb, definitionModelId: Id64String, name: string, modelSelectorId: Id64String, categorySelectorId: Id64String, displayStyleId: Id64String, range: Range3d, standardView: StandardViewIndex = StandardViewIndex.Iso): Id64String

throws IModelError if there is an insert problem.

Parameter Type Description
iModelDb IModelDb Insert into this iModel
definitionModelId Id64String Insert the new OrthographicViewDefinition into this DefinitionModel
name string The name/CodeValue of the view
modelSelectorId Id64String The ModelSelector that this view should use
categorySelectorId Id64String The CategorySelector that this view should use
displayStyleId Id64String The DisplayStyle3d that this view should use
range Range3d Defines the view origin and extents
standardView StandardViewIndex Optionally defines the view's rotation

Returns - The Id of the newly inserted OrthographicViewDefinition element

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Last Updated: 13 October, 2019