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A line style definition is a uniquely named pattern that repeats as it is displayed along a curve path. In the absence of a line style, curve display is limited to solid lines with a width in pixels. There are three varieties of line styles:

  • A style described by a stroke pattern (series of dashes and gaps) that may also include symbol graphics.
  • A style using pre-defined pixel bit patterns LinePixels for dashed display (Code1-Code7).
  • A style that uses a texture.

A definition is defined by one or more components. A component is saved as a "file property" and can be referenced by other components. The line style definition references a component by file property id and type and is saved as a dictionary element.


Name Description
LineStyleDefinition.ComponentType Line style component type identifiers
LineStyleDefinition.PointSymbolFlags Flags to identify point symbol behavior
LineStyleDefinition.StrokeCap Controls appearance of stroke end caps.
LineStyleDefinition.StrokeMode Mask of values for StrokeMode
LineStyleDefinition.StrokePatternOptions Options to control how stroke pattern is applied to underlying curve
LineStyleDefinition.StrokeWidth Define constant width or tapered strokes with distance specified in meters
LineStyleDefinition.StyleFlags Flags to describe a style or control style behavior
LineStyleDefinition.SymbolOptions Symbol options for location, orientation, and behavior


Name Description
LineStyleDefinition.Utils Helper methods for creating and querying line styles


Name Description
LineStyleDefinition.ComponentProps Identifies a component by file property id and type
LineStyleDefinition.CompoundProps Compound component definition LineStyleDefinition.ComponentType.Compound.
LineStyleDefinition.PointSymbolProps Point symbol component definition LineStyleDefinition.ComponentType.PointSymbol.
LineStyleDefinition.RasterImageProps Raster component definition LineStyleDefinition.ComponentType.RasterImage.
LineStyleDefinition.StrokePatternProps Stroke pattern component definition LineStyleDefinition.ComponentType.StrokePattern.
LineStyleDefinition.StrokePointProps Stroke point component definition LineStyleDefinition.ComponentType.StrokePoint.
LineStyleDefinition.StrokeProps A stroke representing either a dash or gap in a stroke pattern
LineStyleDefinition.StyleProps The line style definition element data
LineStyleDefinition.SymbolProps Identifies a symbol and its location and orientation relative to a stroke pattern

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Last Updated: 13 May, 2019