Relationships Class

Manages Relationships.Relationships.


Name Description
createInstance(props: RelationshipProps): Relationship Create a new instance of a Relationship.  
deleteInstance(props: RelationshipProps): void Delete an Relationship instance from this iModel.  
getInstance<T extends Relationship>(relClassSqlName: string, criteria: Id64String | SourceAndTarget): T extends Relationship Get a Relationship instance  
getInstanceProps<T extends RelationshipProps>(relClassSqlName: string, criteria: Id64String | SourceAndTarget): T extends RelationshipProps Get the props of a Relationship instance  
insertInstance(props: RelationshipProps): Id64String Insert a new relationship instance into the iModel.  
updateInstance(props: RelationshipProps): void Update the properties of an existing relationship instance in the iModel.  

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Last Updated: 13 May, 2019