Relationship Class

Base class for all link table ECRelationships


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Name Description
buildConcurrencyControlRequest(opcode: DbOpcode): void Add a request for the locks that would be needed to carry out the specified operation.  
delete(): void Delete this Relationship from the iModel.  
insert(): Id64String Insert this Relationship into the iModel.  
update(): void Update this Relationship in the iModel.  
getInstance<T extends Relationship>(iModel: IModelDb, criteria: Id64String | SourceAndTarget): T extends Relationship Static    
onDeletedDependency(_props: RelationshipProps, _iModel: IModelDb): void Static    
onRootChanged(_props: RelationshipProps, _iModel: IModelDb): void Static    
onValidateOutput(_props: RelationshipProps, _iModel: IModelDb): void Static    

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
clone(): this Entity Make a deep copy of this Entity
forEachProperty(func: PropertyCallback, includeCustom: boolean = false): void Entity Call a function for each property of this Entity.


Name Type Description
className Accessor StaticReadOnly string    
sourceId Id64String    
targetId Id64String    

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
classFullName Accessor ReadOnly string Entity Get the full BIS class name of this Entity in the form "schema:class".
classFullName Accessor StaticReadOnly string Entity Get the full BIS class name of this Entity in the form "schema:class"
className Accessor ReadOnly string Entity Get the BIS Class name for this class
id Id64String Entity The Id of this Entity.
iModel IModelDb Entity The Entity.IModelDb that contains this Entity
schema Static Schema Entity The Schema that defines this class.
schemaName Accessor ReadOnly string Entity Get the name of the Bis Schema that defines this class

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Last Updated: 13 May, 2019