IModelJsFs Class

File system operations that are defined on all platforms. See also Platform and KnownLocations


Name Description
appendFileSync(path: string, str: string): void Static Append to a file.
copySync(src: string, dest: string, opts?: any): void Static Make a copy of a file
existsSync(path: string): boolean Static Does file or directory exist?
lstatSync(path: string): IModelJsFsStats | undefined Static Get information about a file.
mkdirSync(path: string): void Static Create a directory.
readFileSync(path: string): string | Buffer Static Read file
readdirSync(path: string): string[] Static Get the file and directory names in the specified directory.
removeSync(path: string): void Static Delete a file or remove a directory (rm -r).
rmdirSync(path: string): void Static Remove a directory.
unlinkSync(path: string): void Static Delete a file.
writeFileSync(path: string, str: string, wflag: string = "w"): void Static Write to a file.

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Last Updated: 06 December, 2018