Model Class

A Model is a container for persisting a collection of related elements within an iModel. See IModelDb.Models for how to query and manage the Models in an IModelDB. See Creating models


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Name Description
buildConcurrencyControlRequest(opcode: DbOpcode): void Add a request for the locks that would be needed to carry out the specified operation.  
getJsonProperty(name: string): any    
getUserProperties(namespace: string): any Get a set of JSON user properties by namespace  
removeUserProperties(nameSpace: string): void Remove a set of JSON user properties, specified by namespace, from this Element  
setJsonProperty(name: string, value: any): void    
setUserProperties(nameSpace: string, value: any): void Change a set of user JSON properties of this Element by namespace.  
onDelete(_props: ModelProps): IModelStatus Static    
onDeleted(_props: ModelProps): void Static    
onInsert(_props: ModelProps): IModelStatus Static    
onInserted(_id: string): void Static    
onUpdate(_props: ModelProps): IModelStatus Static    
onUpdated(_props: ModelProps): void Static    

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
clone(): this Entity Make a deep copy of this Entity
forEachProperty(func: PropertyCallback, includeCustom: boolean = false): void Entity Call a function for each property of this Entity.


Name Type Description
isPrivate boolean    
isTemplate boolean    
jsonProperties any    
modeledElement RelatedElement    
name string    
parentModel Id64String    

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
classFullName Accessor ReadOnly string Entity Get the full BIS class name of this Entity in the form "schema:class".
classFullName Accessor StaticReadOnly string Entity Get the full BIS class name of this Entity in the form "schema:class"
className Accessor ReadOnly string Entity The name of the BIS class associated with this class.
id Id64String Entity The Id of this Entity.
iModel IModelDb Entity The Entity.IModelDb that contains this Entity
schema Static Schema Entity The Schema that defines this class.
schemaName Accessor ReadOnly string Entity The name of the BIS Schema that defines this class

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Last Updated: 03 June, 2019