queryEntityIds Method

Query for a set of entity ids, given an EntityQueryParams

queryEntityIds(params: EntityQueryParams): Id64Set

throws IModelError if the generated statement is invalid or IModelDb.maxLimit exceeded when collecting ids.


    // If you are sure that the name of the PhysicalPartition is unique within the
    // iModel or if you have some way of filtering results, you could do a direct query
    // for just its code value using the IModelDb.queryEntityIds convenience method.
    for (const eidStr of iModel.queryEntityIds({ from: PhysicalPartition.classFullName, where: "CodeValue='Physical'" })) {
      assert.equal(iModel.elements.getElement(eidStr).code.getValue(), "Physical");
Parameter Type Description
params EntityQueryParams The query parameters. The limit and offset members should be used to page results.

Returns - an Id64Set with results of query

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Last Updated: 03 June, 2019