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Open an iModel from iModelHub. IModelDb files are cached locally. The requested version may be downloaded from iModelHub to the cache, or a previously downloaded version re-used from the cache - this behavior can optionally be configured through OpenParams. Every open call must be matched with a call to close the IModelDb.

open(requestContext: AuthorizedClientRequestContext, contextId: string, iModelId: string, openParams: OpenParams = OpenParams.pullAndPush(), version: IModelVersion = IModelVersion.latest()): Promise<IModelDb>

Parameter Type Description
requestContext AuthorizedClientRequestContext The client request context.
contextId string Id of the Connect Project or Asset containing the iModel
iModelId string Id of the iModel
openParams OpenParams Parameters to open the iModel
version IModelVersion Version of the iModel to open

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Last Updated: 03 June, 2019