IModelDb.Models Class

The collection of models in an IModelDb.Models.IModelDb.


Name Description
createModel<T extends Model>(modelProps: ModelProps): T extends Model Create a new model in memory.  
deleteModel(ids: Id64Arg): void Delete one or more existing models.  
getModel<T extends Model>(modelId: Id64String): T extends Model Get the Model with the specified identifier.  
getModelJson(modelIdArg: string): string Read the properties for a Model as a json string.  
getModelProps<T extends ModelProps>(modelId: Id64String): T extends ModelProps Get the Model with the specified identifier.  
getSubModel<T extends Model>(modeledElementId: Id64String | GuidString | Code): T extends Model Get the sub-model of the specified Element.  
insertModel(props: ModelProps): Id64String Insert a new model.  
updateModel(props: ModelProps): void Update an existing model.  

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Last Updated: 13 May, 2019